Betri borgarbragur, research project

Betri borgarbragur, research project

Men have built shelters in some form for thousands of years and in the northern hemisphere is has been one of the basic need of people. Throughout the years builders have had to find the most suitable and economical solution with the materials offered at each time. With increased urbanisation the level of complexity has increased and the need for increased communication and transportation has put new demands on the built environment. The requirements for the built environment are steadily increasing and there is an increased demand for a sustainable development in the building industry as in all trades. The value that is inherent in the built environment is extreme high, construction is for long term and therefor it is important that the investment can be utilised for the future generations with a minimal burden on the environment.

In the spring of 2009 representatives of seven parties worked together to define a research project that would discuss the built environment, with an emphasise on how to make the urban environment more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Since the topic is very extensive and concerns many different fields and interests it was decided that the project management would be appointed with one person from each participant, but with a strong network other interested parties would be associated with the project. The project was awarded a three year Technology Development Fund from the Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS) between 2009-2012 and  a grant from the Icelandic Road  Administration between 2009-2010. 

The following members comprised the project management:

  • Bjorn Marteinsson, architect and engineer, Innovation Center Iceland and docent at the University of Iceland. Project manager.
  • Hans-Olav Andersen, architect, Teiknistofan Trod
  • Harpa Stefansdottir, architect, Akitektura 
  • Hildigunnur Haraldsdottir, architect, Hus og skipulag
  • Helgi B. Thoroddsen, architect, Kanon arkitektar
  • Pall Gunnlaugsson, architect, ASK arkitektar
  • Sigbjorn Kjartansson, architect, Glama-Kim arkitektar

Other key members of the project:

  •  Anna Soley Thorsteinsdottir, architect, Kanon arkitektar
  • Bjarni Reynarsson, urban planner, Landrad
  • Gunnar Orn Sigurdsson, architect, ASK arkitektar
  • Olafur Tr. Mathiesen, architect, Glama-Kim arkitekta
  • Ragnhildur Kristjansdottir, architect, Teiknistofan Trod
  • Sverrir Asgeirsson, designer, Hus og skipulag
  • Thorsteinn Helgason, architect, ASK arkitektar
  • Thorsteinn Hermannsson, engineer, Mannvit
  • Brynhildur Davidsdottir, docent, University of Iceland
  • Sigurdur Johannesson, specialist, University of Iceland
  • Helgi Thor Ingason, docent, Reykjavik University

Teiknistofan Trod has contributed to the following reports:

Further information (in Icelandic):