Street view - Hverfisgata
Former/current local development plan
Elevation - Laugavegur
Shadow cast
Street view - Laugavegur
Street view - Frakkastígur

Frakkastígsreitur, change in the local development plan

The change of the local development plan extends to the eastern part of the plot. The area is 2.987m2 and is defined by Laugavegur to the south, Frakkastigur to the east, Hverfisgata to the north and to the west by Laugavegur 39 and Hverfisgata 56. The modification involves the transfer of building lines in the backyard of the plot, reduced parking space and a changed access route to the backyard. House in the backyard is moved to the west.

The aim of the development is to strengthen the streetscape, increase quality and promote a holistic appearance of the city. The aim is to increase the number of small and medium sized apartments and to offer varied sized space for retail and light industry. On street level at Laugavegur, Frakkastigur and Hverfisgata there shall be retail and service activities that are open during the day. Apartments are on the upper floors, on Laugavegur it is permitted to have offices or light industries on the upper floors. The housing area surrounds a sheltered garden on top of the garage in the backyard.

Emphasis is placed on maintaining the scale of the area, whether it is an extension to older buildings or a new construction and there is a changed focus on the preservation of older buildings. It is important that appearance of the district is diverse and that the design and development of the buildings is varied and of high quality. In the local development plan the new buildings are divided into building parts/buildings in accordance to defined lots. The entrance to all apartments is from a shared private garden in the backyard as well as from the car park. 

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