High School of South Iceland

Site plan/diagrams
"Main Square"/indoor garden
South elevation

High School of South Iceland - expansion of workshops and study facilities
competition proposal

Purchased proposal

The main buildings of the High School are named, Oddi, Iða and Hamar, the workshops are in Hamar. With the extension to Hamar the workshop and study facilities will be improved and teaching flexibility increased.

The main objective is to provide a working environment that creates good conditions for young adults to study and be involved in the school community.

The current building and the extension are interwoven into a single unit. The workshops and classrooms are arranged along corridors and "squares" according to a given relation. The arrangement improves flexibility in teaching methods and strenghtens the connections to other buildings of the High School.

The extension is connected to the west side of Hamar. The current building and the extension make up the new workshops, consisting of two wings. The wood workshops are in the current building, which becomes the north wing. The metal workshop, hairdressing, classrooms and teaching facilities are in the south wing. Along the corridor connecting the two wings are electrical trades, multimedia, photography, a general workshop and classrooms. Outdoor workshop for woodworking is between the two wings. 

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2010-2014 Award