Landsbanki headquarters

1st stage - view of New Square
1st stage - site overview
1st stage - foyer
1st stage - site plan
1st stage - groundplan and first floor
1st stage - elevations
2nd stage - view of New Square
2nd stage - site overview
2nd stage - site plan
2nd stage - groundfloor and first floor
2nd stage - elevations
2nd stage - north elevation and foyer

New headquarters of Landsbanki, competition proposal

3rd prize in a two stage competition, in collaboration with Kanon architects and MFF landscape architects. 

The headquarters of Landsbankinn have been in the heart of Reykjavík for 120 years and its story is interwoven in the history of the town centre. In accordance to that the proposal reflects the context of the city, where the past and the present intertwine a modern build into the historic context of the city. The proposal is based on the diversity of buildings, streets and squares that characterise the old town and give it value.

Merkt sem:
2005-2009 Award