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Ground floor
Ground floor, overview
First floor, overview
South elevation
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North elevation
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New building for the School of Health Sciences, University of Iceland

The hospital area at Hringbraut in Reykjavík is being redeveloped; the new building for the School of Health Sciences is a part of the first phase of the redevelopment. The new building will rise on the east of Læknagarður (the current building for School of Health Sciences) and connect to the north end of Læknagarður. 

The operations of the current building of the will be transferred into the new building and Læknagarður will be changed into research facilities. Lecture rooms, offices, laboratories and a central square will be in the new building. 

The building has two wings, an eastern and northern wing. A four level central space is at the intersection of the two wings, open to the south, creating visual connections between floors and the surrounding environment. The main circulation core goes through the central space. The heart of the building is the square on the ground floor and first floor, which accessible from the main circulation core, the main entrance and the garden.